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Algorithms, Quantitative Finance, Computer Science, and Machine Learning Sample Assignments and Resources

Educators create assignments and projects for students based on real trading experience on our platform.


Students can use our proprietary Application Program Interface (API) to build their own automated rules-based trading application in their favorite programming language or protocol.


Select a programming language supported by our API:

  • Java – Our most popular API technology;
  • Python;
  • .NET (C#) - You can use the C# library with any .NET supported language;
  • C++ (POSIX-compliant);
  • ActiveX – Integrate our ActiveX control into other programs such as Excel and Matlab;
  • DDE – Use our Excel sample application to get you started, or any DDE-aware program.

Students should also outline how their system will work, enter and exit markets, etc

Overview and Software
Traders' Academy Courses
Short Videos

API Guides

Use our API guides to help you learn the details of our Application Program Interface.


In addition to our API Reference Guide, we also feature API tutorials on the IBKR Quant Blog.


Instruct your students to familiarize themselves with our margin requirements and how to monitor the margin requirements for their own accounts.

Learning About Margin

Learn the basic principles of trading on margin.

Monitor Margin Requirements

Learn how to monitor margin requirements.

TWS Users' Guide

Additional Reference Material

Product and Exchange Listings

Review our Product and Exchange Listing pages.

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