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Finance Courses

Traders’ Academy offers courses for broker-dealers, introducing brokers, and financial advisors that provide details about the services offered to them by IBKR. Broker-dealers and introducing brokers can learn how to get started with automatic billing, flexible commission markups, and interest markups/markdowns – all part of IBKR’s turnkey solution for these financial institutions. Also, financial advisors can get a jump start with the Traders’ Academy course on IBKR’s integrated advisor solutions – either as an existing advisor client at Interactive Brokers or at stage where becoming a client is being considered. Learn how to white brand, run reports, rebalance portfolios, add contacts, invite prospects to open an account, configure fee templates, and much more.

Level Beginner

Setting Up Your New IBKR Institutional Account

The video lessons in this course will review how to set up your new institutional account with Interactive Brokers. The lessons cover topics such as adding individuals as users for account access, subscribing to market data or research, setting trading restrictions, and more.

Level Beginner

Getting Started for Hedge Fund Advisors and Fund Managers

This course will review the overall Hedge Fund account structure at Interactive Brokers and will discuss how to navigate IBKR’s Hedge Fund Portal. The Portal web application includes powerful reporting and performance analytics, fund administrator connectivity, and opening Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and additional hedge fund applications. IBKR also offers access to the Hedge Fund Marketplace, which is an online version of a traditional Capital Introduction program.

Level Beginner

Getting Started with TWS for Advisors

We have divided this course in two to address both trading and CRM. This course deals with an introduction to Trader Workstation (TWS) for Advisors where you will learn how to navigate TWS, monitor your clients’ and your firm’s aggregate positions. We show you how to trade for an individual client and for several (or all) clients at a time. And we introduce the Order Allocation Tool, which really gets to the heart of order management. You will learn to build Model Portfolios, how to allocate clients’ money to a Model as well as how to rebalance a portfolio. We also show you how to navigate the Tax Harvester Tool enabling you to run your individual client’s portfolio efficiently.

Level Beginner

Getting Started for Introducing Brokers

This course will review the Broker Portal, which is our free and powerful client relationship management (CRM) platform for Introducing Brokers (IBs). The web application serves as the one-stop destination to manage clients, run reports and key performance metrics, funding, and more. Additionally, automatic billing, flexible commission markups, and interest markups/markdowns are part of IBKR’s turnkey solution for Broker-Dealers and Introducing Brokers.

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