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Stock Trading Sample Assignments and Resources

IB Trading Platform Basics

Instruct your students to familiarize themselves with one or more of our three trading platforms – desktop, browser-based and mobile - using a variety of IB educational resources. Specific assignments can test your students' general knowledge of our trading platforms and can be organized based on the contents of QuickStart Guides, Users' Guides or Webinars.

Trader Workstation

Learn the basics of our market maker-designed TWS desktop trading platform.

Traders' Academy

IBKR Mobile

Learn the basics of our mobile platform on a cell phone or tablet.

Stock Orders

Instruct your students to learn the basics of trading by placing basic and advanced orders.

Basic Orders

Place at least three different basic stock order types. For example, market, limit and stop orders.

Advanced Stock Orders

Instruct your students to place at least three different advanced stock order types. For example, All or None (AON), Bracket and Conditional orders.

Short Selling

Instruct your students to place an order to sell short.

Market Data Fields

Add short selling market data fields to Classic TWS.


Statements and Trade Confirmations

Instruct your students to check their daily activity statements and trade confirmation reports. Assignments can include running and analyzing a default statement; creating, running and analyzing a customized statement, and running and analyzing a trade confirmation report.

Statements and Trade Confirmation Reports are available from within Account Management.


Run default statements and create customized statements to view detailed information about the account activity, including positions, cash balances, transactions, and more.

Trade Confirmation Reports

Run trade confirmation reports to view trade confirmations separately by asset class.

US Stock Commissions

Instruct your students to familiarize themselves with our commissions.

IB's Stock Commissions

Review IB's stock commissions and other pertinent pricing information.

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