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Develop a Simulated Trading Competition for Your Class

Student Trading Lab Competition

Why Use Interactive Brokers for a Simulated Trading Competition?

  • The Student Trading Lab is free to use.
  • Access a powerful and award winning trading platform, use Student Trading Lab resources to supplement your competition, and use live, simulated paper trading to help teach students about global markets.
  • Student accounts are funded with a simulated equity of USD 1,000,000 and configured with global trading capabilities, including cryptocurrency.
  • Students can develop programming, trading, risk analysis, and portfolio management skills by using a simulated trading account to trade live markets.
  • Students can use their Student Trading Lab experience as a point of differentiation with prospective employers.

Create a Simulated Trading Competition

  1. Open a Professor account
  2. Define the competition rules.
    • For example, ask your students to only trade stocks or derivatives.
    • Ask your students to trade using at least two or three different order types.
    • Instruct the students to compete against a benchmark such as S&P 500.
  3. Define a period for the competition.
  4. Use the Professor account to invite your students to create their own accounts.
  5. Request that students provide a trading plan outlining their strategy, encourage students to develop their own algo trading apps in Python, Java, C++, or use our Excel sample spreadsheets for market data and data science analysis.
  6. Use your Professor account's reporting capabilities to monitor student performance.
Student Trading Lab Participant

Sample Trading Plan

A student's plan should be about a page in length and discuss the product(s) (i.e., stocks, options, bonds, etc.), markets (i.e., CME, NYSE, CBOE, etc.) and strategy they will employ when trading (i.e., my strategy utilizes 30-day implied volatility and will buy 1,000 shares of all symbols when the annualized volatility exceeds 100%).

However, all strategies listed as part of their trading plan and should include a profile.

Sample Outline:

  1. Student Details:
    • Name/ID
  2. IBKR Trading Platform(s) being used:
    • Trader Workstation (TWS)
    • Client Portal
    • IBKR Global Trader
    • IBKR Mobile
    • IBKR API (describe the Intended API Method and how it will connect to IBKR platform).
  3. Strategies (list all):
    • Strategy
      • Products: Students should predetermine which instruments their strategy will trade. For example, if a student’s trading plan relies on trading equity indexes, the student should detail ALL indexes that the strategy will trade. If a trade on a random index appears, the professor reserves the right to eliminate student’s placing.
      • Markets: Students are free to choose any number of markets to trade, but all markets must be identified from the outset. For example, if a student intends to trade equity-based products, the student must specify whether this activity will apply to specific underlying equity securities, options on securities, ETFs, index futures or otherwise.
      • Trading Strategy: Students should be thorough in their description. The professor needs to understand how the student’s trading strategy works so that the professor can see whether it is trading as designed. Students should detail ALL strategies if more than one is submitted. If strategies are linked, this should be detailed. Each description should be a plain and simple explanation of what the strategy is designed to do and how it intends to enter and exit markets to control risk and maximize return.

Contact a IBKR Student Trading Lab Representative

If you have questions about educational resources, applying for a Student Trading Lab account or setup for student trading accounts, please submit this form.

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