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Futures Trading Sample Assignments and Resources

Futures Products

Instruct your students to familiarize themselves with futures products available through IB.

Trader CME Leading Products

Equity Index, Agriculture, Interest Rates, Energy.
For instance, student can trade the following futures:

  • CL - Light sweet crude Oil futures NYMEX
  • ES - E-Mini S&P 500
  • YM - Mini-Sized Dow Jones Industrial Average $5
  • NQ - Emini NASDAQ 100
  • GE – Eurodollar
  • ZC - Corn
Futures Products web pages - CME Group futures


SpreadTrader helps you quickly and easily manage futures spreads from a single screen.


Create and manage calendar spreads for futures from a single screen.

They can check the margin impact of any order before it is placed.


Trading Futures

Instruct your students to learn about trading futures by placing futures orders.


Place a futures order. For example, place a stop limit order. Students can view the Margin Impact value before they submit the order.

TWS Users' Guide

Market Scanner - Futures

Instruct your students to use the TWS Market Scanners to quickly and easily scan markets for the top performing futures contracts.

  • Scan multiple products.
  • Scan for top contracts on US futures.
  • Choose from popular scan parameters
  • Create custom scans - Variables, filters and parameters allow you to create unique, completely customized scans.
TWS Users' Guide

Monitor Margin Requirements

Learn how to monitor margin requirements.

Trading Futures on Margin

Instruct your students to familiarize themselves with our margin requirements for futures and how to monitor the margin requirements for their own accounts.

Learning About Margin

Learn the basics of trading futures on margin.

Monitor Margin Requirements

Learn how to monitor margin requirements.

US Futures Commissions

Instruct your students to familiarize themselves with our commissions.


Review IB's futures commissions and other pertinent pricing information.

Additional Resources
IB Website

Additional Reference Material


Read the latest Futures-related articles from IBKR's Traders' Insight, a Global market commentary from Interactive Brokers Group traders and market participants.

View additional webinar recordings that IB has co-sponsored events with CME Group and ICE Futures.

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