Investing in financial products involves risk to your capital.

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Finance Courses

Learn about securities futures and commodities futures through Interactive Brokers’ and CME Group’s vast selection of educational courses, including defining what these financial products are, as well as how to trade and invest in them. These courses explore introductory concepts such as ‘contango’ and ‘backwardation’, futures margin, mechanics of the futures market, as well as futures pricing. Also available are courses that focus on futures fundamental analyses for a variety of futures-related products such as interest rate futures, energy futures, agricultural futures, and metal futures. More specialized courses center on CME Micro WTI Crude Oil Futures, South American soybean futures, as well as an introduction to grains and oilseeds.

Introduction to Futures
Level Beginner

Introduction to Futures

This course provides content to suit investors with different levels of knowledge about the futures market. Investors new to the world of futures trading can use this introductory course to learn key industry concepts and how to find information using the trading tools within TWS.

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